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What it is

Game4Skill is a gamification platform that uses videogame mechanics and dynamics – such as missions, storytelling, scores, badges and rankings – to engage and motivate users.

Esempi di gamification

Give a boost to Motivation, Engagement and Learning:
transform your job through Gamification!

Flexible and Adaptable

Fully customizable to meet your needs and engage users in the corporate world: from Continuous Learning to Employee Onboarding, from Brand Awareness to Performance Management Evaluation.

Born from research, field-tested for effectiveness

Game4Skill is firmly rooted in the results of EU-funded Research and Development projects, so as to offer a well-tested customizable solution proved to be effective.

Game4Skill is used in these R&D projects

Federica Web Learning 2021 Award as Best Platform for Digital Education.

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Premio Federica Web Learning 2021

How it works

With Game4Skill you can use game mechanisms in a simple and flexible way to create an interactive user experience built around your training and change goals.

Step 1

Define the goals to achieve in the form of missions to carry out.

Some examples of goals that you can achieve with Game4Skill:

  • Build a more engaging training course for your employees
  • Stimulate your sales force to achieve marketing & sales objectives
  • Speed ​​up and make a more efficient recruiting and onboarding of new hires
  • Support tele-rehabilitation activities
  • Promote sustainability
  • Step 2

    Identify the activities that the user must perform to carry out each mission and thus achieve the associated goal.

    The activities can be carried out both online by interacting with the platform, and in real life, tracked through external tools.

  • Take a test or a quiz game
  • View a video with usage tracking
  • Read documents or follow external links
  • Launch SCORM interactive learning objects
  • Play mini-games
  • Use Social Learning to share opinions and experiences on the social board
  • Track an activity in the real world with QR CODEs, GPS or IoT sensors
  • Manage virtual classes via Zoom integration
  • Step 3

    Set the score to assign to the completion of the activities.

    The collected points can feed into the rankings, creating a competition between individuals or groups, so that best performers get the most visibility. In addition to points, you can also assign skills: once an activity is completed, the user has acquired that skill. Upon reaching a certain score, you can also assign personalized badges.

    Step 4

    Use cards or choose a visual map to represent the pathway that the user must take to achieve the objective.

    You can also associate a story that takes the users along the way to immerse and involve them more in the dynamics of gamification.

    Examples of visual maps and associated storytelling:

  • Journey across planets or cities
  • A treasure map to follow in search of a specific object
  • A picture that is composed fragment by fragment.
  • Features


    Learning & Development

    Game4Skill makes the learning experience more captivating and engaging.

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    Game4SKill helps in the pre-selecting candidates by bringing out talents and skills. You can simplify and speed up the search and selection process by increasing the chances of identifying the characteristics you need.

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    Game4SKill facilitates the process of introducing new personnel in companies, making available to newcomers procedures, rules, organization, and products, in an attractive way.

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    Performance Management

    Game4SKill transforms the process of personnel performance appraisal into a simpler and more engaging procedure, activating the participation of all stakeholders in the evaluation process.

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    Marketing & Sales

    Game4Skill helps motivate, retain, update and monitor the direct and indirect sales networks, increasing revenues and productivity.

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    Health & Empowerment

    Game4SKill enhances patients' self-management skills by improving their therapeutic adherence and quality of life. It can be integrated with telemedicine solutions to improve continuity of care and tele-rehabilitation in multiple pathologies.

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    Sustainability and Behavioural Changes

    Game4Skill motivates users to adopt virtuous behaviours in the company and in their own community, for example by encouraging the conscious consumption of paper and toner, by supporting the use of Smart Cities services and by promoting their benefits for individuals and the community.

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    Social engagement

    Game4SKill helps raise citizens' awareness of correct lifestyles, and promotes their social commitment and active participation.

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