Engagement & Empowerment Through Gamification

What it is

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Game4Skill is a gamification platform that uses video game mechanics and dynamics – such as missions, scores, badges and rankings – to engage and motivate users.

Game4Skill allows you to create engaging experiences in multiple application areas.


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How it works

Game4skill allows you to carry out a gamification project through the following steps.

Step 1

Define the goals to achieve in the form of missions to carry out.

    Some examples of goals

  • Make a training course more engaging
  • Increase the performance of the sales network
  • Improve therapeutic adherence by chronic patients
  • Support tele-rehabilitation activities
  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Promote behaviours supporting sustainable mobility and energy saving

Step 2

Identify tasks and experiences that the user must perform to carry out each mission and thus achieve the associated goal. The tasks can be carried out both by interacting with the platform online, and in real life, tracked through wearable electronic devices

    Some examples of tasks or experiences

  • Follow a number of training activities, such as online training modules, accompanied by virtual classroom lectures and documents to read.
  • Follow an operational plan to spread awareness of your products among staff and customers
  • Carry out measurements of biometric parameters to achieve a correct lifestyle
  • Move on foot or by bicycle to create a sustainable mobility plan.

Step 3

Establish metrics, i.e. the score gained on completion of tasks or experiences. The points feed into the rankings, thus providing visibility and recognition to those who get the best results.

    Game4Skill can determine that the task has been completed.

  • By the automatic tracking of e-learning objects
  • By tracking any interaction with the digital platform, for example uploading a message to a blog
  • By uploading videos or pictures as evidence of performing a task
  • By connecting to external devices that can measure distance, biometric surveys and other data.

Step 4

Choose or build a visual map to represent the path that the users must take to reach the destination. You can also associate a story that accompanies the users along the path to immerse and involve them more deeply in the dynamics of gamification.

    Some examples of visual maps and associated storytelling

  • Map of the city to visit following a predetermined route, with the aim of obtaining a certificate of virtual citizenship
  • Map of a space journey across the planets of the galaxy
  • A treasure map to follow in search of a specific object
  • An artist who is painting a picture that is composed piece by piece.



You can define rules and path of gamification dynamics freely, according to the objectives to achieve and the motivational levers to activate.


Thanks to the gamification mechanics, you can stimulate competition and / or a sense of belonging and collaboration between users. Individual and group rankings of individuals and peer-to-peer interactions are just some of the mechanics available in Game4Skill.


Thanks to the availability of connectors, Game4Skill can be integrated with existing software systems, such as LMS, CRM, and more.


Graphic metaphors and narrative techniques help guide and at the same time motivate the users in completing their own path in the platform.


Platform users receive constant and immediate feedback (messages, points, progress bars and visual maps) during their gaming experience.


To motivate users to achieve certain results, awards and prizes can be awarded. The platform is able to assign Open Badges for the completion of a course and the acquisition of a specific skill.


Through advanced reporting functions, it is possible to obtain and analyze data and information on the activities carried out by users during the game dynamics, both in the virtual world and in the real world.


Users can access their Game4Skill application also on mobile devices via the web App.


Learning & Development

Game4Skill makes the learning more captivating and engaging.

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Game4SKill helps in the pre-selecting candidates by bringing out attitudes and skills. You can simplify and speed up the search and selection process by increasing the chances of identifying the talents you need.

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Game4SKill facilitates the process of introducing new personnel in companies, making available to newcomers procedures, rules, organization, and products, in an attractive way.

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Performance Management

Game4SKill transforms the process of personnel performance appraisal into a simpler and more engaging procedure, activating the participation of all stakeholders in the evaluation process.

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Marketing & Sales

Game4Skill helps motivate, retain, update and monitor the direct and indirect sales network, increasing revenues and productivity.

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Health & patient empowerment

Game4SKill enhances patients' self-management skills by improving their therapeutic adherence and quality of life. It can be integrated with telemedicine solutions to improve continuity of care and tele-rehabilitation in multiple pathologies.

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Smart cities & Sustainable mobility

Game4Skill motivates citizens to adopt virtuous behaviours and to use the services of Smart Cities, promoting their benefits for individuals and the community.

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Social engagement

Game4Skill motivates citizens to adopt virtuous behaviours and to use the services of Smart Cities, promoting their benefits for individuals and the community.

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