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Commissione europea – Horizon Europe


RECREATE – Recycling Technologies for Circular Reuse and Remanufacturing of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials

PROGRAM: European Commission – Horizon Europe



Develop a set of innovative technologies aimed at exploiting the potential of complex composite waste as a raw material for the profitable reuse of parts and materials in the manufacturing industry.


The dangers posed by climate change have awakened countries and organizations around the world, sparking a push for cleaner technologies and lower carbon emissions. Today, sustainable recycling processes and production lines offer vital opportunities for a greener future, with a high demand for innovation in these fields. The EU-funded RECREATE project aims to develop several new technologies for the better and greener reuse, recycling and remanufacturing of composite materials. It will introduce technologies that use end-of-life complex composite waste as raw material for new materials and parts for different industrial sectors, defining the tools and strategies needed to make these processes efficient and profitable. 

Specifically, Grifo multimedia is a project partner for the delivery of the following tasks:

  • production of e-learning modules on the project topics
  • digital learning delivery on the game4skill gamification platform
  • development of a simulator that provides that provides a direct experience of the reuse of complex composite materials (digital twin)


Check the website projects here: https://www.recreatecomposites.eu/

Duration: 48 months


Start date: 31/5/2026


End date: 01/06/2026

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